How to Handle a Dental Emergency

In Dental Emergencies October 24, 2016

Taking the right steps in the event of a dental emergency can help save teeth and ensure your smile is as healthy as possible after treatment.  If you’ve broken a tooth, had a dental restoration loosen or fall out, or had a tooth ejected from your smile, take the time to do the following:

Call our Office

Unless your dental problem was accompanied by serious bodily injuries, call our office first so we can find the earliest time to see you for your emergency dental issue. We make every effort to treat patients immediately so we can better care for their dental health and provide necessary care as soon as possible.

Steps to Alleviate Pain

Depending on your particular dental problem, there are many different things you can do to maximize your comfort until you are seen by our office. Try applying an ice pack to the side of your face with the problematic tooth or teeth to reduce swelling. In the case of a painful tooth due to dental infection, over the counter pain medication can provide some relief. If you have a loose dental prosthetic, or one that has come out entirely, drugstore dental adhesive will hold your crown, filling, or bridge in place temporarily until you can be seen.

Dental Emergency Don’ts

First and foremost, do not delay treatment for a dental problem. Issues like infections and abscesses will not get better over time; these problems will only advance to create larger infections that require more extensive treatment. Even a crack in a tooth that is large enough to allow bacteria into dentin and roots of teeth is a dental emergency that requires immediate care.

If your natural tooth has been knocked out, be careful not to handle it by the roots, as this may damage tissue that is necessary for re-implantation. Keep an avulsed tooth in a container of milk or saliva before your appointment. Do not try any at-home treatments other than the temporary solutions above, which are only intended to keep you comfortable before your appointment. Dental problems should always be addressed by a professional.

Dental Emergency Care for Patients of All Ages

Drs. Bowen and Wang provide emergency dental treatments for families, children, and patients of all ages. If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, contact our office as soon as possible for treatment.


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