Which Materials are Best for Dental Restorations?

In Dental Restorations June 23, 2017

When you’re told you need a dental crown or a bridge, you may have previously accepted the treatment plan without question. But with so many choices available for prosthetics, your next question should be, “what will my new tooth be made out of?” The answer will vary, depending on preference and insurance coverage, but before you decide to move forward with your treatment plan, it pays to understand what you’re getting into with each material choice available, including:

Porcelain, Ceramic, Zirconia, and e.max®

Completely tooth-colored restorations have become increasingly popular over the years. As materials have been developed and fabricating prosthetics has matured to create stronger and more durable teeth, white dental crowns have become even more commonplace. Using these restorations provides for the best in aesthetics and some choices can even match the strength of metal-based restorations.

Porcelain and ceramic crowns may be best for patients who don’t grind their teeth during the night or those with heavy bites. While these are strong materials, they are more easily chipped than metal. Zirconia and e.max® provided added durability, but can also elevate treatment cost. 


Dental crowns and bridges that contain a base of silver metal, overlaid with tooth-colored porcelain, are still some of the most widely used prosthetics in dentistry. These restorations are typically more economical and covered by insurance providers.  With a metal brace, these are especially durable and long-lasting for any patient, but specifically those who are hard on their teeth, or clench their teeth at night. 

PFM or porcelain fused to metal crowns are best utilized on molars or teeth that are not highly visible in your smile line. 

High Noble Metals 

Gold crowns may seem like dental care of the past, but many patients still sport gold teeth. Depending on your age, you or your parents, grandparents, may have gold capped teeth. That’s because high noble metal crowns are highly durable and do not rust, contract and expand with temperature, chip and fracture, or cause tissue irritation.

While some patients prefer to wear their gold capped teeth proudly, metal crowns can be overlaid with porcelain to appear more natural and aesthetically pleasing.  

Ask Dr. Stephen W. Bowen which type of dental crown or bridge will suit your needs. We are proud to offer a wide range of options, from completely tooth-colored prosthetics to noble and high noble metal. Call our office in Glendora to schedule an appointment today! 


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